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Inform Women, Transform Lives

Inform Women, Transform Lives

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President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia is serving as the keynote speaker for The Carter Center’s International Conference on Women and Access to Information, “Inform Women, Transform Lives.” Her lifelong dedication to women’s economic empowerment, her work to advance peace, and her administration’s commitment to transparency and the right of access to information are paramount. President Sirleaf passed the first freedom of information law in West Africa, and it is highly regarded as a well-crafted law and has had some successes in implementation. With her leadership, Liberia became the first country of dedicated programming to advance women’s rights of access to information. Last year at the annual national women’s conference in Monrovia, she launched a high-level multi-stakeholder committee, comprised of her top ministers, and mandated that they work together to develop a more enabling environment for women to exercise the right to information, including serving as champions for women’s rights to information and considering necessary policy and institutional reform to help overcome some of the barriers women face in exercising this fundamental right. #Info4Women

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