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Promoting Human Rights, Safeguarding Elections, Strengthening Democracy

Join us and UN Human Rights on the International Day of Democracy to learn about rights-based approaches to election support.

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Peaceable Assembly

Hear perspectives from the 57th anniversary of the March On Washington

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Relieving Suffering During War And Pandemic In Yemen

Muna Luqman helps to give the women of her country a voice
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COVID-19's Impact On Elections And Participatory Rights

Join the discussion about the observation of different electoral processes carried out during the pandemic.
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Should Labor Laws Apply To Prostitution?

Despite its dangers, prostitution is sometimes characterized
as a legitimate career. Ruchira Gupta says prostitution isn't
like any other work and explains her reasoning through the aspirations of the struggle for workers’ rights.

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President Carter's Call to Action

President Carter encourages everyone to take steps to promote the rights and equality of women and girls in their family, workplace, school, and communities.