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This conversation will explore what is means to work for and with people who have shared identities and collective memories of overcoming systematic oppression. 
Join Us November 15th

Racial Justice and white nationalism 

Join us for a conversation on Racial Justice and white nationalism in the United States and abroad.  
Join Us October 27th

From Community Outrage to Grassroots Action

At what point should community development professionals move from non-violent direct action (NVDA), to more "direct" responses?  
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Living Beyond Social Trends

What can people and communities do to advocate for minoritized lives?

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Keeping Promises: The Indian Child Welfare Act and Indigenous Sovereignty

Join us July 28 to learn how a Supreme Court case will affect Native Americans' rights.

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President Carter's Call to Action

President Carter encourages everyone to take steps to promote the rights and equality of women and girls in their family, workplace, school, and communities.