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Palestinian Civil Society Under Threat

Join us for a conversation to focus international attention on the continued impact of Israel’s terrorist designation of six Palestinian civil society organizations.
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Pandemics Squared

Join us with Every Woman Treaty for a conversation on Covid-19 and the Shadow Pandemic of Violence Against Women

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Gaps In The International Legal Framework On Violence Against Women & Girls

Join us and Every Woman Treaty on April 21 to learn
how to close gaps in protection for women and girls.

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The Role of Art in Peacebuilding & Women's Empowerment

Join us April 13 to learn how art plays a role in peacebuilding and how corporate appropriation of Amazigh art is undermining women’s
economic empowerment in Morocco.
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Art Vs. Injustice

How can artists address and dismantle systemic oppression?

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President Carter's Call to Action

President Carter encourages everyone to take steps to promote the rights and equality of women and girls in their family, workplace, school, and communities.