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March 24, 2022

Art vs. Injustice


On March 24, 2022, we learned how minoritized artists use their work to address women’s rights, immigration, and police violence to dismantle systemic oppression.

Guests include:
- Smoked Poets, Kashmiri Hip-Hop Artist and Street Poet
- Evgeniya Plotnikova, Russian Ceramic Artist
- ABUL3EESS, Palestinian Hip-Hop Artist
- Joshua Griffin, The Carter Center (moderator)


This roundtable showcased the role of art in demanding change against oppressive political systems that work to keep minorized people in an enslaved state. We explored how place influences poets' written testaments of their lived experiences and understanding of the world.

You will hear how introspection and self-awareness assist artists in advocating for social change. The roundtable will encourage people to seek creative, non-violent ways to bring attention to ongoing racial injustice.

Coordinated by Joshua Griffin, MDP

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