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Jan. 09, 2018

A Call for Peace, Dignity, and Justice


Since 2003, The Carter Center has convened a series of global Human Rights Defenders Forums to assess the most pressing challenges from those on the frontlines of the struggle. This year’s forum is a culmination of work over 13 years by some of the most courageous and effective human rights defenders and peacemakers.

From June 18-21, 2016, activists and peacemakers from 22 countries gathered for The Carter Center’s Annual Human Rights Defenders Forum, “A Time for Peace: Rejecting Violence to Secure Human Rights.”

Forum participants joined former U.S. President Jimmy Carter in calling for all nations to recommit to the realization of universal human rights, the advancement of women’s leadership, and the rejection of violent approaches to countering extremists, which have resulted in an unending cycle of violence.
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