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June 02, 2022

The Changing Climate On Violence Against Women


On Thursday, June 2, in collaboration with Every Woman Treaty, our panel discussed the catastrophic consequences of environmental disaster for women and girls.

Guests include:

• Simi Kamal (Pakistan), Chairperson, Hisaar Foundation

• Lipi Rahman (Bangladesh), Executive Director and Cofounder, Badabon Sangho

• Amanda Arroyo-Cabezas (Costa Rica), Program Manager, Nosotras Women Connecting

• Laura Flanders (United States, moderator), Host and Executive Producer, The Laura Flanders Show on PBS

For many women, climate change can be a direct cause of violence. The United Nations Development Program points out that in periods of prolonged drought, for example, women and girls make more frequent and longer journeys to obtain food or water, making them vulnerable to sexual assault.

Due to displacement, resource scarcity, food insecurity, and disruption of survivor services, the impact of climate change and environmental degradation exacerbates the risk of violence against women. Panelists at this webinar will discuss the consequences of climate change for violence against women and girls, and outline strategies and solutions.

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Susan Marx: 10:58 am

Thanks for a great discussion to the panelists and to Laura for hosting!

Susan Marx: 10:59 am

Based on today's discussion though I do wonder if the fact that 'climate' is only mentioned once in the Treaty is an oversight.

Elizabeth Hsieh: 11:02 am

Yes this discussion was amazing and so necessary!

Elizabeth Hsieh: 11:04 am

I also have questions on how countries like Pakistan, Costa Rica, and Bangladesh can take control of the negative effects on climate change on women when that climate change is being caused by other countries.


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