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April 21, 2022

Gaps in the international legal framework on violence against women and girls


Join us and Every Woman Treaty on April 21 at 9:30 a.m. ET US (UTC-4) to learn about gaps in the international framework on violence against women and discuss how to close them.

Guests include:

- Kirthi Jayakumar (India) Activist, Lawyer, Feminist, The Gender Security Project

- Francisco Rivera (Puerto Rico), human rights attorney, law professor, founding director of the International Human Rights Clinic at Santa Clara University

- Leila Nazgül Seiitbek (Kyrgyzstan), Founder and Chairwoman, Freedom for Eurasia

- Karin Ryan, The Carter Center, moderator

The Carter Center amplifies the voices of human rights defenders and is pleased to host a series of discussions organized with Every Woman Treaty, This is the first event in our collaborative series. The live discussions will address different issues around violence against women and girls and call for a new global treaty to end this violence.

Look for upcoming events monthly.

Live Chat
Forum Admin: 9:39 am

Hello and welcome, please send any questions for the panel here.

Private Member 1: 9:39 am

Specificity is key for widespread and pervasive human rights violation. Need legally binding frameowrks that address accountability and challenge impunity.

Private Member 1: 9:43 am

The role of monitoring bodies is important to educate, to ensure accountability through scrutiny of State reports and NGO reports etc - and provides an opportunity to submit findings and recommendations to the State.

Private Member 1: 10:00 am

Well said Francisco. Holistic approach on a specific human rights violation is imperative.

Forum Admin: 10:02 am

You can read the treaty at

Forum Admin: 10:04 am

To see the Safer Sooner report, click Safer Sooner report:

Private Member 1: 10:04 am

States can be held accountable through treaty for private acts, based on the failure to protect and prevent harm.

Private Member 1: 10:24 am

Thanks to the moderator and all the speakers. Your committment to the cause is commendable and your dedication will hopefully see a specific treaty being adopted in the near future.

Forum Admin: 10:30 am

Thank you all for attending.


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