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April 16, 2020

Protecting Human Rights During The Pandemic


How can we safeguard universal rights in the time of COVID-19?

This live Roundtable event was held on April 16, 2020. The archived video is available above.

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Guests include:

- Hadar Harris, Executive Director, Student Press Law Center

- Jamil Dakwar, Director, Human Rights Program, ACLU

- Karin Ryan, Senior Advisor on Human Rights, The Carter Center

Some governments and security services are reacting to the ongoing threat from COVID-19 by taking advantage of the restrictions necessary to protect public health to also consolidate their power and limit human rights.

This Roundtable conversation addressed current events and recommended actions that can be taken to protect human rights during this difficult time.

photo: Mstyslav Chernov

Live Chat
Private Member 2: 12:04 pm

Hello, thanks for joining us. Please enter any questions for our panel here after signing in.

Private Member 1: 12:28 pm

Hi Jason, my question is about enforcing shelter-in-place laws. In some counties in GA, there have been recent policies put into place for violators of shelter-in-place. But these laws can inherently impact low-income people of color disproportionately more than others. They wouldn't be able to pay fines related and end up in prison and the problems that arise from that cycle. How can we avoid these laws from impacting people of color negatively?

Private Member 2: 12:31 pm

Thank you I have passed your question to the moderator.

Private Member 1: 12:32 pm


Private Member 1: 12:41 pm

Thank you for bringing that up, Hadar! Women and children's right is highly impacted right now.

Benchehida: 12:41 pm

GBV aid all over..shelter full or non existing. He

Benchehida: 12:42 pm

GBV violence increased in Maghreb countries like elsewhere

Private Member 1: 12:43 pm

I was actually reading an article about a rise in child abuse cases:

Benchehida: 12:45 pm

New thing: it is talked and dealt with openly in state media , radio , tv , in Algeria and Morocco

Private Member 1: 12:52 pm

Jason, I have another question for the panelists. It's been suggested that we have to keep our elected officials accountable right now and push them to ensure the rights of individuals are not violated, primarily individuals of marginalized groups . But right now, phones are not being answered in their offices and emails are not being read. How can we best make sure that our voices are heard by our elected officials so that they can take the necessary actions given these conditions?

Private Member 1: 12:54 pm

Thank you

Private Member 1: 1:00 pm

Will do! Thank you all for your time. We shall overcome!

Benchehida: 1:03 pm

Thanks a lot, Jamil,..Karin , and Hadar , hafida


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