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March 05, 2020

Religion, Gender, Justice, and Equality


Join Christian faith leaders at noon on Thursday, March 5, 2020, to reflect on the promise of the Equal Rights Amendment in this live conversation co-hosted in collaboration with Justice Revival.

Guests include:

- Rev. Dr. Serene Jones,President of Union Theological Seminary and Johnston FamilyProfessor for Religion and Democracy

- Rev. Dr. Traci C. West,James W. Pearsall Professor of Christian Ethics and African American Studies, Drew Theological School

- Sister Joan Chittister,OSB, Benedictine Sister, author, and lecturer; Co-Chair, The Global PeaceInitiative of Women

- Allyson McKinney Timm, Esq., Moderator,Founder and Executive Director of Justice Revival


Advocates concerned about domestic and sexual violence, pregnancy and pay discrimination, and other ills of gender inequity have found renewed hope for reform as the Equal Rights Amendment has gained momentum in recent years. Affirming that, “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged… on account of sex,” the ERA would increase barriers to gender discrimination and enable Congress to better address injustice against women. Thirty-eight states have now ratified the ERA, reaching the requisite three-fourths threshold, although legal and political hurdles to its fruition remain.

In this roundtable conversation, a diverse panel of eminent faith leaders will discuss the significance of the ERA from the perspective of their scholarship, religious convictions, and experiences in ministry and public life. Acknowledging the religious resistance that often occupies the spotlight, this conversation will center the insights of those moved by faith to endorse and advocate for the ERA as an act of justice. On the eve of International Women’s Day, join us for this vital conversation on women’s rights.

Live Chat
Karin Ryan: 12:01 pm

Welcome! We are here to discuss Faith and eqaulity

Karin Ryan: 12:05 pm

What has the #MeToo movement taught us?

Karin Ryan: 12:07 pm

RevDr Traci West: Church has been too slow to respond and lead. Barely able to respond. Lets move into hthe arena of PREVENTION! Don't just focus on criminal justice system--problematic for communities of color. Much work to do. Way beyond whats been done.

Karin Ryan: 12:08 pm

RevDR Serene Jones: Agree with what Traci said. She said and I agree public cultural awakening is important and dramatic.

Karin Ryan: 12:09 pm

Women need to be able to speak out. Roots of mysoginy --why did women become sexual objects?

Karin Ryan: 12:11 pm


Karin Ryan: 12:11 pm

Sister Joan Chittister: As a Catholic there is a disconnect between us and the institutions.

Karin Ryan: 12:12 pm

Women are just as vulnerable to violence in our churches than they are anywhere else.

Karin Ryan: 12:13 pm

Male assumptions defined by male-led organizations that make them complicit in this abuse. Until churches that abuse begins with them, we will not see progress.

Karin Ryan: 12:14 pm

Churches still trying to "explain" that women's submission ("complemnetatrianism"--church teachings interpreted to mean human beings come in two flavors--women is HELPMATE of men)

Karin Ryan: 12:18 pm

Allyson McKinney-Tim: How this connects to the ERA--furst past by Congress 50 years ago would explicitly addresss women as equal persons.

Karin Ryan: 12:19 pm

RevDr Serene Jones: 50 years ago leading the ERA campaign at University of Oklahoma--it was LOGICAL

Karin Ryan: 12:19 pm

I was absolutely shocked when it didn't pass.

Karin Ryan: 12:20 pm

My state of Oklahoma passed it.

Karin Ryan: 12:20 pm

Now the New ERA Coalition is about bringing this forward again--we could not let this rest.

Karin Ryan: 12:21 pm

The problems are now at the State level..Congress will pass extension easily

Karin Ryan: 12:22 pm

I am hopeful about this new coalition, though we have a lot of work to do.

Karin Ryan: 12:23 pm

Making sure ALL women's experience in encompassed is important

Karin Ryan: 12:23 pm

West: Seems strange that we are having trouble asserting EQUALITY among human beings

Benchehida: 12:24 pm

Just joined the conversation , I wish I had connected earlier HAFIDA

Karin Ryan: 12:24 pm

Welcome Hafida!

Benchehida: 12:26 pm

Amazing to hear the struggle led by women from the church to have equality provisions in the constitution.. difficult for us, in Maghreb , when all constitution established equality , as second article ..

Karin Ryan: 12:26 pm

Remember that Thomas Jefferson who framed EQUALITY for our nation was a child rapist (Sally Hemmings). so we must have explicit and direct legal measures that address the fundamental inequality and access to justice. This has HISTORICAL political and religious roots

Karin Ryan: 12:27 pm

Above comment summarized comments from Traci West

Benchehida: 12:28 pm

Yes thanks , I follow your comments

Benchehida: 12:29 pm

We have had recently religious resistance, bu t on the law on violence against women . women’s deputies from Islamist parties opposed it on the pretext that

Benchehida: 12:30 pm

Penalizing or indicting a man// a husband would be equal to breaking the family

Benchehida: 12:32 pm

We changed the articles of the constitution were wife must obey the husk

Benchehida: 12:33 pm

Husband , and man is the family chief has been repealed in 2012 and 2016

Karin Ryan: 12:33 pm

Yes many faith communities have this struggle!

Karin Ryan: 12:34 pm

Religious resistance to the ERA is real

Karin Ryan: 12:36 pm

West: many ways religion has been used as a weapon for inequality and economic power over enslaved and empowered people —deep hypocrisy about being a nation committed to equality and “freedom”

Benchehida: 12:36 pm

She is so right :: economic power , justified by the Scriptures !!!!!!!!

Karin Ryan: 12:37 pm

West: ongoing reality—scripture has been interested to preserve white supremacy and power

Benchehida: 12:42 pm

She is so right !!! Admirable

Karin Ryan: 12:43 pm

sister Joan—When will they preach FROM THE PULPIT that violence against women is A MORTAL SIN will it change

Karin Ryan: 12:44 pm

Churches are NOT standing up!

Karin Ryan: 12:45 pm

Chittister: only 11% of Protestant churches are led by women too—congregations hear GOD through HE only

Karin Ryan: 12:45 pm

The church must confess and repent! First thing you learn is confession is needed

Karin Ryan: 12:46 pm

Church doing “women’s reading groups” but don’t ask question —How have we honored that it was MARY who took the message to the Apostles

Benchehida: 12:47 pm

Mary Magdalena

Karin Ryan: 12:47 pm

QUESTION: where are the possibilities to make progress?

Karin Ryan: 12:48 pm

We should not have a seminary graduation without student passing course on VAW in church?

Karin Ryan: 12:49 pm

Jones: within denominations there are opportunities—yes to courses at seminaries albeit also ALL undergrads

Karin Ryan: 12:50 pm

Jones: need to think more holistically in less binary ways—need to get feminism in eco justice and other interconnections—on white supremacy as well

Karin Ryan: 12:53 pm

McKinney-Tim—how can we allow for religious voices despite the hesitancy to engage religion in contemporary political culture—especially now in this environment

Karin Ryan: 12:54 pm

West—we Must talk about religion because it the source

Karin Ryan: 12:55 pm

South Africa —so deeply trying to reverse its apartheid past —activists worked very hard to make that happen!! We can do that here

Karin Ryan: 12:56 pm

South Africa constitution was a breakthrough

Karin Ryan: 12:57 pm

Chittister: we start as a people separating from other people —“city on the hill” and we divided ourselves through white supremacy—it’s going to take people willing to deconstruct

Karin Ryan: 12:58 pm

Women’s Book Clubs—Igniting firecrackers under church workers in other countries

Karin Ryan: 12:58 pm

FIND YOUR OWN GROUP—read them out loud to each other. Immerse yourselves—be your own teacher!!

Karin Ryan: 12:59 pm

Yes! We will share these ideas on this forum! 😊

Benchehida: 12:59 pm

Great dialogue

Karin Ryan: 12:59 pm

Jones: we need to interrogate WHY Christian Right is opposing ERA??

Benchehida: 12:59 pm

Thanks for inviting me

Benchehida: 1:00 pm

Hope you are doing well

Karin Ryan: 1:00 pm

Thank you for joining Hafida

Karin Ryan: 1:01 pm

West: GOD created each of you listening—you are PRECIOUS!! Let’s be in solidarity!!

Karin Ryan: 1:06 pm

Great discussion!

Karin Ryan: 1:06 pm

Watch this space for future events


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