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March 02, 2018

Sexual Violence and Sacred Texts


This panel discussion highlighted one of the Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion's (JFSR) most recent books, "Sexual Violence and Sacred Texts."

Moderated by Carter Center Human Rights Program graduate assistant Camille Henderson-Edwards, the panel consisted of several of the book's contributors:

- Dr. Amy Kalmanofsky (Editor)
- Rabbi Sarra Lev, Ph.D ("Dipping a Finger in Honey: Sense Making in the Face of Violent Texts")
- Dr. Ayesha Chaudhry ("Naming Violence: Qur'anic Interpretation between Social Justice and Cultural Relativism").

Together our panelists examined how victims of sexual violence may find healing and/or reconciliation in interacting with sacred texts.

The Carter Center’s Human Rights Program sponsored the JFSR to assist with the expansion of JFSR’s initiatives related to mentoring the emerging generation of scholars of feminist studies in religion and furthering scholarship on the role of faith to empower women and girls globally. This sponsorship provided eight internships and the production of six books.

Live Chat
Karin Ryan: 1:36 pm

The act of naming is taking power. So important for women to name within the religious context.

Karin Ryan: 1:50 pm

Are we scholars complicit by studying texts that validate violence against women? Dr. Chaudhry argues that we don't have to be tied to violent interpretations. We can offer young Muslims interpretations that reject violence.


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