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March 25, 2021

Social Justice Through The Arts


How can the arts be used to amplify social justice and galvanize communities?

This Roundtable conversation to talk about art's role of in making social justice took place on Thursday, March 25, 2021.

Our guests included:

- Ebo Barton, Community-Educated Organizer and Artist, NEON Entertainment, Lavender Rights Project's Washington Black Trans Task Force

- Chelsey Richardson, Educator, Poet, Mother, Griot Party

- Ben Yisrael, PhD, Poet, Coordinator at Healthy King County Coalition, Policy Fellow at Center for Justice Research

The discussion was moderated by Josh Griffin, Graduate Assistant, Human Rights Program, The Carter Center.

This Roundtable discussion begins a series of events intended to illustrate the role of art in amplifying social justice activism and to encourage fellow citizens to seek creative ways to bring attention to and promote efforts to achieve justice for all.

Our opening conversation features three Seattle-based artists who use poetry to advocate for social change and foster community among marginalized people and youth. These artists use their words to provide insight into the struggle for social justice.

Coordinated by Joshua Griffin, MDP

Live Chat
Forum Admin: 4:01 pm

Hello thank you for coming today. Please enter your questions for the panel here.

Jon Delorme: 4:30 pm

What art pieces, either current and/or from the past, speak to you and are great examples of art creating positive change in the the US/the World?

Jon Delorme: 4:31 pm

To Chelsea (but also for all): What do schools need to do better to get youth into the arts and involved with social justice?

Forum Admin: 4:32 pm

Thanks, we've passed your questions along to the panel.

Forum Admin: 5:01 pm

Thanks for watching everyone. This panel will remain archived as a resource to inform the ongoing discussion.


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