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June 22, 2021

Social Justice Through The Arts: Chelsey Richardson


Join us to discuss the intersection of art and social justice with poet Chelsey Richardson on Tuesday, June 22, from 6-7 p.m. ET (UTC -4).

Chelsey Richardson is a mother, teacher, and spoken word poet; her poems amplify social justice issues such as climate change, systemic racism, and the education system.

On June 22 from 6-7 p.m. ET (UTC -4), join us to participate in a live conversation between Chelsey and Carter Center Human Rights Program Graduate Assistant Josh Griffin where we will discuss her poem: "Setting Suns As Bright As A Wildfire."

The discussion will focus on the intersectionality of activism and art and how Chelsey uses art as a tool to give voice to speak to social injustices.

Live Chat
Private Member 3: 5:57 pm

Hello and welcome! We'll be getting started in a few minutes.

Private Member 3: 6:04 pm

Please leave your questions for Chelsey here and we will pass them along.

Karin Ryan: 6:08 pm

So beautiful! Gives me chills and tears!

Karin Ryan: 6:13 pm

Agree--Democracy Now is a great source of news and analysis

Karin Ryan: 6:19 pm

QUESTION: I think everyone has a creative side--What can you tell other about how to begin to explore the issues in a creative way? How do you get started?

Aura Groomes: 6:20 pm

The many references you made to the water, the earth, the solar system etc -- were they metaphorical, literal, or both?

Adam Croft: 6:24 pm

Thank you for sharing your beautiful poetry, Chelsey! Could you speak more to the "unfinished business" and our refusal to "reckon with our past" and what hope could look like within this necessary work, especially for young people?

Aura Groomes: 6:34 pm

This relates a bit to what you said about policymakers and land ownership, but how do you believe global warming connects to the sense of entitlement possessed by humans (by the rich, by white people, etc.)?

Private Member 1: 6:50 pm

It was wonderful meeting you, Chelsey, at the Juneteenth Festival. We know that art has the power to expand people's awareness of matter of social justice. How do we ensure that awareness is transformed into evolvement and participation?

Karin Ryan: 6:53 pm

Crying again!!!

Karin Ryan: 6:56 pm


Karin Ryan: 7:00 pm


Private Member 1: 7:01 pm

Thank you!

Private Member 2: 7:02 pm

Thank you for a thought-full and thought-provoking discussion today!

Private Member 3: 7:04 pm

Thank you for watching and for your great questions! This video will now be archived and can be used as a resource for further discussion.


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