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May 20, 2021

Social Justice Through The Arts: Joseph Guay


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When Joseph Guay watched the killing of Eric Garner, he saw his father's eyes in Mr. Garner's. At that moment, Joseph knew he could no longer ignore police brutality — that he had to act and advocate for social justice.

It is through his art that Joseph has taken a stance in the fight for social justice. His artwork challenges the viewer to face racial violence, the rights of immigrants, and school shootings head-on. Joseph believes that it is in the moments of being uncomfortable when we can grow, learn, and determine our role in the social justice movement.

On May 20 from 1-1:30 p.m. EST (UTC -4), Join the conversation between artist Joseph Guay and Carter Center Human Rights Program Graduate Assistant Joshua Griffin where we will take the opportunity to look inward and determine what actions we can take in our own lives to address social injustices.

Take part in this live discussion with artist Joseph Guay to learn about the actions he has taken to address racial violence, immigration, and school shootings through his art. The conversation will continue here following the live event, which will be archived and made available as a resource for member discussions.

Coordinated by Joshua Griffin, MDP

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